Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Breakfast Destination

Good morning !
Now its my eighth month in YNR. On every sunday or on any other holiday I took my breakfast at one of the famous shop of YNR - "Sundarlal puri wala" . 4 puri with chole, aloo ki sabji, chatni & salad for only Rs. 24.
All items are prepared in desi ghee. One can see heavy rush on sundays. No doubt all items are tasty & of good quality. This shop is almost 85 years old. They fill special kind of masala in the puri,which according to them they have learned from mughals. They don't use onions & garlic in there recipes. Whenever you are in YNR, try to visit " Sundar Sundarlal puri wala "

Aniruddha, ynr, 9:30 AM