Sunday, November 30, 2008

State of state transport

Today morning I took bus from Yamunanagar for New Delhi. Bus was over crowded. From Yamunanagar to Karnal there are four to five bus stop from which mostly students took the bus. At one of these stops - Indri, driver did not stop the bus since there was no space to accommodate a single person.
One of the angry student through a stone on bus window. The stone was thrown with such a high intensity that it broke the glass & hurts one girl sitting inside.
Actually that stone was aimed towards driver who usually do not stop at that bus stop & students have to wait for long time to get next bus.
BANDAR chap hariyanvi police was called who justified that what has happened was right & these state roadways drivers needed to be teach such lesson.
All the passangers had to vacat the bus. I took lift from truck upto Karnal, & from there took bus for Delhi.

11:30, karnal, Haryana