Sunday, December 28, 2008

Visit to Haridwar

This sacred Ghat was constructed by King Vikramaditya (1st century BC) in memory of his brother Bhrithari. It is believed that Bhrithari came to Haridwar and meditated on the banks of holy Ganga. When he died, his brother constructed a Ghat in his name, which later came to be known as Hari-Ki-Pauri. The evening prayer at dusk (Aarti) offered to Goddess Ganga at Hari-Ki-Pairi (Pairi is Marathi word for steps) (steps towards God Hari) is an enchanting experience for any visitor. Thousands of people from all round the world do make a point to attend this prayer on their visit to haridwar.

Dirtiest station I have ever seen. One can hire Ambasador taxi for full day for site seeing for Rs. 700 to 800

You can see Clock Tower behind me.

A spectacle of sound and colour is seen when, after the ceremony, pilgrims float diyas (floral floats with lamps) and incense on the river, commemorating their deceased ancestors.

Dont forgot to eat famous Poori Chole at hari-Ki- Pauri