Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why to accuse Warren Anderson?

The Bhopal plant was owned and operated by Union Carbide India, Limited (UCIL), an Indian company in which Union Carbide Corporation held just over half the stock. The other stockholders included Indian financial institutions and thousands of private investors in India.

On day-to-day basis the plant was managed and operated by Indians. V.P. Gokhale was Managing Director, Kishore Kamdar was VP, J. Mukund was Works Manager and S.P. Chowdhary was Production Manager. All these people were responsible for day-to-day operation of the plant.

They were provided proper technical training at Union Carbide Plant in US. They had proper technical expertise to run the plant. What they were doing? - Is as big question. Ideally speaking Plant Manager & Works Manger knows actual condition of plant. It was their responsibility to alarm higher officials.

It is claimed that Safety system was compromised and design was not as per standard. If any of the above people knows this - he should have informed it to government / media, and if they were aware of all these things than they are biggest culprit....

When our own people are such irresponsible and casual how we can accuse Warren Anderson.....

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