Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hi & Hello has changed to YES SIR! YES SIR!

Today I did nothing. I slept & dozed. It was planned; in fact I was in need of good sleep. From last couple of days I could not sleep properly. Some time I feel that I put my leg in wrong job and wrong place. When in early morning I go for work I see lot of people jogging on the road – young and old, some of them with dog, young girls & boys with ipod plugged in their ears. I think how lucky they are.

From last couple of days I am trying to complete my partage of sleep by tiny-tiny forty winks, some time at airport, and some time with 5 minutes post lunch siesta or while traveling in the cab. Situation has worsened, two years back all was normal, and it was manageable to reach home by 8:30. But now ever growing traffic on NH-8 and with growing in-job complexity it has become difficult to reach before 10:00 in night.

One of my associate asked me –“you have just returned from Diwali vacation, still you are tired.” I simply replied yes. I don’t know how my colleague manages their work life balance? I have never seen anybody who says - today I am tired, there is headache, insufficient sleep, indigestion, bewailing wife and kids. I thing among my group I am the only weakest person who got afflicted once every month.

I thought why I got afflicted, why I always feel tired & irritated as week approaches to end. I realized I have changed, I have killed my hobbies, call duration of personal call on phone have drastically reduced, I never call my friends and family, and frequency of reading books has reduced, my garden has dried, I forgot sound of my bike, I failed twice to achieve GMAT score, I could not write blogs, I always forgot to say ‘I love u, u r most beautiful’ to my girl friend, I start neglecting my own health…..

Hi & Hello has changed to YES SIR! YES SIR!

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