Sunday, January 09, 2011

Now Reading.....Close Call in KAshmir

'Close call in Kashmir' is an interesting part of history rediscovered through a mystery. The sordid tale of kidnappings, murders, loot and arson happening in Kashmir has been retold in the folds of a story from the medieval era.
Though, the story begins with the kidnapping of a lady scientist working with the Indian Government which is sensational but it fails to hold the interest of the reader for too long. But the weaving of the events with the plunder of artefacts of art and cultural heritage of India by international thugs makes the plot thicker. And the inclusion of a treasure-trove from the Mughal Period in the line of the smugglers hunt, grips the reader. Inclusion of Persian writings gives the story a make-believe environment and it becomes difficult to put down the book.

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