Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adventures with Chamuk [Chapter-2]

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I took morning flight from Delhi and landed on Nagpur’s Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport which is also called as Sonegaon Airport at 8:00 AM. Chamuk was staying in Hotel Pride which is at walk able distance from airport.

I entered the hotel and went to reception.
Yes Sir? – One fair receptionist in bright red sari asked me.
In which room Mr. Mogh… Mr. Chamuk Mogh is staying?
She cheeked her computer. ‘Sorry Sir, can you repeat the name?’
‘Mr. Mogh…..Chamuk Mogh from US.’
‘Room No. 3011, third floor’ – she said.
‘Can you connect me to the room?’ she dialed the number and handed over the receiver to me.
Some one with sweet voice said ‘Hello’ from other side.

‘Hello – can I speak to Chamuk, I am Ani’ I said
‘Just hold for a moment….Chams, I think Ani has arrived.’
‘Good Morning! So you reached, come, come upstairs to my room, we can have breakfast together.’

‘Yes, I need it badly.’ I said and put the phone.
Chamuk opened the door. I was shocked.
He was not what I was expecting. He had become fat, overweight and heavy with very little hairs remaining on his head. He hugged me and I was squeezed.

‘Oho….! Ani you have not changed’ – Chamuk said.
‘But you have!! Control yaar! What is this? If I had met you accidentally some were else, I would not have recognized you, really.’

‘Meet her, Pushpika, my wife’ – Chamuk said.
‘Namaste Pushpika how are you? How was the journey?’ I asked.
‘Journey was good, come bhaiya pehele nashta karte hai fir baate.

Where is Jayati? She was supposed to come along with you – asked Chamuk.
‘She is staying in next room.’ – I said.
‘What!! What are you are saying? Are you mad?’
‘Yes she reached yesterday night only and staying in next room.’

‘Who? Who is she? ‘- Asked Pushpika.
Chamuk replied – ‘Jayati, his friend, she is coming along with us. We will go by her car; you know they are going to marry soon’

‘Wow that’s great, I will have her company, because you childhood friends will all talk about your childhood stories and I would have got bored.’

‘Okay guys, now it’s time to move, lets checkout, pack your bags in meanwhile I will call Jayati.’ I said.

I knocked next room - Room no. 3012. Jayati opened the door.

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