Saturday, May 28, 2011

Visit to Puttur, Karnataka

As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.
On the way to Puttur
 3:35 AM in morning I got SMS from Jayati – “We r going to Puttur, keep your bag ready, pack for two nights”. After five hours we were in flight from Kozhikode to Mangalore. We reached Mangalore at 14:00 hrs; from there we booked a cab for our onward journey to Puttur.
Puttur is a small town, 52 kms from Mangalore on Mangalore-Mysore highway. Jayati has got one cousin sister over there and Jayati wanted to spend weekend with her. Puttur is agro-based town of the costal region surrounded by several hillocks with lush green forest situated in the belt of Western Ghat heavy rain fall. The Major occupation of the people is agriculture. The crops grown mainly are paddy, areca, coconut, cashew, rubber, cocoa, vanilla, pepper and plantains. In addition dairy farming, sericulture and horticulture activities supplement the earnings of the people to some extent.

Jayati’s sister Madhu was staying alone from last six years. She owns a farmhouse there. In middle of big agricultural land she runs her veterinary Hospital. We reach there by 1600hrs. Madhu along with her pets was there to welcome us after a long trip. Comfortably bare foot Madhu came to greet us, holding her arms wide she embarrassed Jayati and kissed on her cheek. What a nice lady, what a nice welcome I thought.

The house was large and dark even at daytime. Madhu put us at upstairs rooms, they get sufficient morning sun. I asked Madhu – “You stay alone here, don’t you feel scary?”

“I have a rifle. I will show you. I bought it from neighbor. I haven’t ever used it.

“Good. An armed Doctor” – I approved.

“Do you still have your stall in market?’ – Jayati asked.

“Yes on Sunday mornings, I will take you along” – Madhu replied.

This how she makes a living: from small veterinary hospital and from selling flowers and garden produce. Nothing could be simpler.


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