Thursday, January 26, 2012


There are people who are so dependent on others that they think it is their right to suck.  They keep doing it unknowingly at the cost of others. One can find such type of individual in every organization and team. Worst happens, when these individuals are at leadership position and their decisions plays critical role in success of company.

Recently one of my friend was sent to a construction site located out station. Site was 35 km from his hotel.  Since  there was no onsite office, my friend decided not to carry his laptop. When he reached on site and just started his work, his boss called him and asked him to send a quotation to one of their customer on ASAP basis. He told his boss that he is not carrying his laptop and he can send it only in evening after returning to hotel. But boss told him, that it was urgent and he must send it within an hour- ego comes into picture.

My friend request his boss that since his other team members are in office, he can ask them to send quotation. But his boss was  not in mood to listen. Either his boss did not have confidence in other or want to trouble him. After few hot exchanges on phone my friend agreed to return to hotel and send the quotation. He took taxi went to hotel, submitted the quotation and come back to site again.

After submission of quotation thru mail, my friend called his customer to confirm whether they have received quotation or not? On which customer informed him that he has not seen the mail and since tomorrow is republic day he can go through quotation only day after tomorrow.  

What did company achieved?
1) Taxi bills
2) Time loss
3)  Employees frustration

Be careful while changing traveling plan on last moment and plan & use juniors efficiently.
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