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The inner being and Mind

Excerpt from the book "Peace of Mind in Daily Life" © Copyright Remez Sasson 
Pupil: You have earlier said that I am not the mind, but a power above it; could you please clarify this point?

Teacher: The fact that you can give orders to the mind, act contrary to its dictates, and reprogram it in accordance with your own will, proves that YOU are indeed NOT the mind.

Pupil: Your words confuse me. Until now, I had no doubts that my mind and myself were the same entity.

Teacher: This is what most people think. Let me clarify this concept. To operate a machine or drive a car, there must be someone in charge to make them work. A machine or a car cannot work on its own, is it not so?

Pupil: Right.

Teacher: If it is possible to change the programming of the mind and calm down its restlessness, it means that the power that is making this possible is something separate or higher than the mind, exactly as the one who operates a machine or drives a car is separate from the machine or car, right?

Pupil: Yes, this makes sense.

Teacher: There must be something or some sort of subtle power separate and higher than the mind, which is able to reprogram it and change its habits. If it were not so, it wouldn't have been possible to gain peace of mind. If you are able to say to your mind, "Be quiet", and it obeys you, especially when its desires are different from yours, it means that you are the one giving the order, not the mind. It cannot order itself to shut up. There must be something or someone else who gives these orders, and this someone else is YOU, THE REAL YOU. Acceptance of the concept that you are not the mind brings you to some important conclusions:
  • You don't have to accept, follow and dwell on every thought that the mind brings up.
  • You have the option to accept or reject thoughts at your own will.
  • You can act according to your will, in spite of the mind's resistance.
  • You can be in charge of your mind and master it.
  • You can decide on a certain action, behaviour or goal, follow your decision and achieve your aim.

Whenever you overcome laziness, procrastination, weakness or a negative habit, you assert your supremacy over your mind and prove to yourself that the mind is not the real you, but a tool that you use. By acting contrary to the mind's dictations or desires and inclinations, you prove to yourself that you are not the mind, but the power above and beyond it.

Pupil: What is exactly this power, which is above the mind?

Teacher: This power is "the real you", your real and true essence, which is called by different names such as: "The Inner I", "The Spirit", "The inner being" the "Higher Consciousness" etc.

Pupil: So, if I accept this concept, it would be easier to teach the mind to work for me instead of against me?

Teacher: Yes, That's true! First accept this concept in theory and act according to it. Later, as you gain experience, especially after going through the concentration exercises, about which we will speak later, you will have direct experience for proof.

If you accept the idea that you are not the mind, it would be easier for you to separate yourself from the mind, and this will enable you to assert your inner strength and become the conscious director of your mind and life, instead of being at the mercy of external influences and subconscious past programming. It is up to you to claim your rightful role as the master of your mind.

I can show you many examples of situations, where this will be to your advantage.

Let's say you decide to go for a walk, to exercise your body. As soon as you have this thought, your mind tells you that you'd better stay at home and watch TV instead. To persuade you to stay at home, it will bring up all kinds of justifications and reasons, why you should not go for a walk, but stay at home.

If you can mentally separate yourself from your mind, that is believe, feel and consider yourself separate and independent of your mind, you will be in a better and more authoritative position to reject its excuses and justifications, and to do what you really want and decide to do. You will not blindly and unconsciously obey every thought, whim and desire of the mind.

Pupil: This is real mental mastery. 

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