Thursday, September 20, 2012

InnoTrans 2012 in Berlin

An exhibition that leaves you asking for more

The ultra-modern rail coaches on display at the four-day InnoTrans 2012 are a treat to watch. The biannual exhibition was inaugurated here on Tuesday.

The fair provides a platform for rail transport traders to learn from each other about various aspects, including the latest developments. The exhibition brought together engineers, manufacturers and company heads, who presented their novel products, new technology in manufacturing, innovations in designing coaches and engines, assemblies and accessories for trains. The idea was to make more people take to train travel.

Used as we are to minimal comfort in trains in India, the exhibition was a revelation. Every country that manufactures coaches (rail cars) is vying for a share in the international market. If large players like Alstom, Bombardier and Siemens are making their pitch, companies from smaller countries such as Ukraine and Romania are showcasing the revolution in designing train bathrooms and tramcars.

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