Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Valmiki Syndrome

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Sometimes we don’t take charge to change the situation; we don’t want to leave our comfort zone and keep on living same life which we really wish to change but do not take any action. Why so? What is stopping us from taking that initial step? The Valmiki Syndrome is all about this puzzle. Book addresses three major questions: 

1. Who I am? 
2. What I want to be? 
3. How to achieve it?

Through three characters – Ratnakarana, Shalini and Sara author has explained the life learning concept of work life balance. This is not a traditional management book giving you the concept of time management & effective work life balance. It is far ahead than it. Book will guide you to get out of your perceived syndrome- a mental block which hold you back to control or change the situation. You cannot change the situation all the time, some time you have to change yourself. If got the boss who is a stress monkey – making your life miserable but the fat pay cheque and fear of not adjusting in new company is hold you back than you are victim of Valmiki Syndrome. Read this book it will clear your mind and help you out. 

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