Monday, January 19, 2015

Garnier Pure Active Neem

“Aaaahhaaaaaaa “ (howling)that is how one day I woke up in the morning from my sleep!!Besides me was my pretty wife hovering above my face with a cotton ball in her hand and a wide satisfied smile on her face!! I instantly realised that she has accomplished her mission….mission of bursting and cleaning any pimple that happily sprouts on my face, she does not care whether we are in a train, or in a flight, whether we are on holiday or going to office, whether we are at a restaurant  or at the local cinema hall.

All that she cares is that my face should be squeaky clean and at no point of time should have any pimples as she feels that that is completely undesirable. No amount of pleading  with her would help and no amount of bribe would dissuade her (if you leave my pimple alone…I will buy you a new dress, I will buy you your favorite chocolate…nothing ,nothing seems to have helped).

Ultimately I have to give in for the torture, she has a ritual that she religiously follows …first wait for the pimple to grow (which itself is an unbearable pain), everyday apply some saliva on it, then when it is completely ripe ,press and clean till blood oozes out ,then clean it with Dettol and apply antiseptic cream. By the time this ritual is over  I would have cried my life out like a little baby…you don’t believe me..seriously you can try it for yourself.

Thank God….now this product has been launched…I have not used it, however I hope it helps us lesser mortals “Men” as well…most of the beauty products are targeted towards women and women related problems. There should be some product which would help men to avoid a pimply face, especially because we travel a lot, are exposed to different water and whether  conditions in different cities, people like me who have to visit various plants across the country are also exposed to a lot of chemicals aswell.

I wish Garnier team great success with this product…I am going to buy one for myself today. For more information you can explore more on following links:

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