Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mail to Sunil Robert

From: Aniruddha N
Date: Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 12:11 PM
Subject: Re: so what do you think? I WILL SURVIVE by Sunil Robert
To: Sunil Robert

Dear Mr. Sunil Robert

Sir, I am really surprised and very happy to see your mail in my inbox.

I have read your book, it's really wonderful & excellent work. You will not belive it, I finished reading it in a single sitting,and you will be happy to know that my father is also a writer.

Its really very inspiring & motivating to read how a poor small child from Hyderabad has now grown up as one of the world's best communication professional. The incident of your seventh garde board examination is really horrifying & heart touching. Small - small practical tips that you have given are superb & very helpful. Letter that you have written for your son at the end of the book is very good and heart warming.

I am confident that your book will inspire lot of Indian youngsters who aim for something high in their professional & personal life. I have recommended your book to lots of people. I have recommended it to my friends, my boss and girlfriend.

I hope you will come-up with many more such interesting books in the coming years.

Do let me know if you come to India anytime, I would love to meet you!!

Thanks & Regards

Aniruddha Nandanwar

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