Thursday, December 17, 2009

Visit to Alwar - Rajasthan

Alwar is bounded on the north and north-east by Gurgaon (of Haryana) and Bharatpur district and on the north-west by Mahendragarh district of Haryana, on the south-west by Jaipur and on the south by Sawai- Madhopur and Jaipur districts.
There are many theories about the derivation of the name Alwar. Cunningham holds that the city derived its name from the Salva tribe and was originally Salwapur, then, Salwar, Halawar and eventually Alwar.According to another school it was known as Aravalpur or the city of Aravali (A hill system dividing Rajasthan roughly into third and two-thirds).
Some others hold that city is named after Alaval Khan Mewati. A research conducted during the reign of Maharaja Jey Singh of Alwar revealed that Maharaja Alaghraj, second son of Maharaja Kakil of Amer (old seat of Jaipur state) ruled the area in the eleventh century and his territory extended upto the present city of Alwar. He founded the city of Alpur in 1106 Vikrami samvat(1049 A.D.) after his own name which eventually became Alwar. It was formerly spelt as Ulwar but in the reign of Jey Singh the spelling was changed to Alwar.
Wikipedia=>> The city houses numerous places of historical and tourist interest. The district also has accountable high turnover industries in functioning including the Ashok Leyland, Pepsi, Parryware, Kajaria Ceramics. The city is also famous for the vegetable market connection to the other parts of the country mainly for the onion and mustard seed supply. One of the world famous things is the Milkcake.
Bala Qilla (Fort), situated in the Aravali Hills is one of the best fort present in the rajasthan. It is said that it has been never invaded or conquered by any king. Just behind the bala qilla is the Nikumbh Mahal. There are many small palaces in the city and a old museum with a good collection of paintings, armours, old weapons.
Sariska Tiger Reserve is located in the district. Arvari River flows through this district.

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