Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Stranded car dilemma story

Sometimes accidents happen in life from which we have need of a little madness to extricate ourselves successfully.

This story is adapted from a scenario which featured in a widely circulated email, in which (supposedly) job applicants were given loosely the following question to answer, to indicate their personality and decision-making motives (supposedly). The job application context is extremely doubtful, but the lesson in creative thinking is interesting, especially if people are not given too long to dwell on it:

You are driving alone in two-seater car on a deserted road in blizzard conditions, when you see another car which has recently run off the road and into a tree. There are three people in the stranded car, none of whom is injured:

1. An old friend, who once saved your life

2. Your childhood sweetheart greatest lost love

3. An elderly lady

No-one has a phone. The likelihood of any more passing traffic is effectively zero. The conditions are too dangerous for people to walk anywhere. It is not possible to tow the crashed car. The nearest town is an hour's drive away.

The question is: Given that your car is just a two-seater, in what order should the stranded people be taken to the nearest town?

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  1. I will ask my friend to take my car, drop the elderly lady to her place and send some help from the city. Meantime I will have a good time chatting (or whatever....) with my childhood love.


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