Friday, April 19, 2013

HP connected Music services

My first encounter with online music was when I purchased HTC one X, which comes with pre-installed application of Saavn. Saavn is quite simple, easy to use online application and have options like latest! - for new releases and surprise! - for old songs. Frankly speeking I was not aware of HP connected Music services. I heard it first time from Indiblogger. I am not sure how this service of online music will help to increase HP’s hardware business. However it may help them for tabs and other small hand held devices which they are planning to launch in near future. As far as laptops are concern, there are very few people who use them to listen songs. However this service of HP is unique and is of its own kind. With this unique initiative HP is hoping to increase demand for its notebooks and curb piracy at the same time. This service will only be available on select HP consumer notebook models. The conditions are that it should be purchased after February 1, 2013 and should be a machine with factory-nstalled Windows 8. This service will not be extended to existing HP users. Users can search from the 1 million-song database with options to create a playlist or download the songs. A 30-second preview of a song can be heard to identify the song before the user downloads it. The song is downloaded in 'wma' format with CD quality 128kbps bitrate - good enough for listening on the beats audio powered laptop speakers or headphones. There is no limit on the number of song downloads - you can effectively download music content equivalent or higher than the value of your HP notebook.The catch is that all the downloaded songs are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected. It means that all the downloaded songs will be locked to your notebook's hardware ID and will only be playable on your notebook. You cannot transfer the songs to a tablet, smartphone or a second computer.

The service is also being launched in 21 other countries, but the other countries only get 3 months of free unlimited usage. Apart from international music, HP will be offering regional music. Details of cost of service renewal after 1 year have not been declared.

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