Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Life, My Rules - Stories of 18 Unconventional Careers by Sonia Golani

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Imprint Westland
Format Paperback
Extent 240pp
Pub date Jan-13
Rs 250
ISBN 9789382618270

Today more than yesterday most professions and careers are extremely flexibly. You see people with a degree in mathematics working in banks, financial departments of large corporations, marketing agencies and so on. Psychologists are finding great opportunities within Human Resources departments, Public Relations companies and pretty much anywhere else you have humans involved in the process.

This book seeks to inspire every working individual from young professionals to senior level managers to opt out of the rat race, chase their dreams and pursue a profession of their choice for inner happiness, success and a long term career.

Choose something that you have passion for. In our society often times parents or friends influence us to pursue money, status and others. I think this is the wrong way to go about it. Choose something you love to do and you will do it damn well, and the money will come as a consequence.

Rahul Akerkar has a Masters in Biochemical Engineering from the US but is better known as a celebrity chef and owner of Mumbais fine dining restaurant, Indigo; Manohar Parikkar went to the prestigious IIT, Bombay but makes headlines as the honorable Chief Minister of Goa; Harsha Bhogle is an alum of IIM Ahmedabad but is a world renowned cricket commentator and Rashmi Uday Singh was once the Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax but is widely known today as Indias famous food critic. 

These stories which deals with various personalities, who ventured into careers, that are normally unconventional are easy to read and the way stories are presented from across the fields makes the book interesting.