Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rice handling: Container loading system

Today I received a call from one of prestigious rice processor from Karnal (Haryana, India). They asked me whether I can suggest any economical solution for filling up 20ft. container with 20T rice within 20 to 25 minutes for exporting it to USA and Gulf countries. They insisted me to suggest the solution as soon as possible because Kharif season has started. From last few months I am aggressively targeting to get leads for grain handling business and this is good opportunity to penetrate in this segment. The need to move bulk materials nationally and internationally is increasing as production operations consolidate and rationalize. To reduce shipping costs, logistics companies and manufacturers are making use of lined and unlined 20 and 40ft bulk containers for material transport. We do have solution for container loading system wherein we can fill-up the complete ISO shipping container within 20 to 25 minutes. The FulFiller container loading machine is a development of an old technology tailored to suit a new application. The original machine was designed as a simple thrower for grain products and developed by the Sinden Company in the USA. The licence for manufacture of the machine was purchased by a company in the UK which was then obtained by another company who manufactured a large number of bulk thrower units during the middle of the 20 century. Originally the thrower was used to spread grain across malting floors in distilleries. Later, as part of a UK government programme, many units were used in large flat stores to pile grain efficiently. The first use of standard ISO shipping containers to handle particular bulk products such as sugar created an opportunity to sell the thrower into a new market and this has slowly grown in recent years. In India there is huge potential for container loading system looking at the rising cost of manual labour.

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