Sunday, September 27, 2009

Deshera 2009

Happy Deshera

Last year on Deshera I was in Yamunanagar (Haryana). Now exactly after one year and after changing two cities and shifting three houses, today on this Dashera I am in Gurgaon. Just one week back I shifted my house to Mayfileds Garden in south city.

Today sitting lonely in my house and writing this blog I remember how wonderful & exciting was Deshera in my childhood. I still remember when I was in garde VII & VIII of my school in Saoner (Maharashtra) how I & my friends enjoyed these festivals, specially the 3D's ie. Durga Puja, Dashera and Diwali.

It is observed from last 10 to 15 years that Deshara most of the time comes on Saturday, Sunday or Monday and one can get two holidays including Sunday. I have celebrated Deshera in Nagpur, Mumbai, Delhi, Yamunanagar, Indore and Kolkata but most memorable & enjoyable place was Saoner a small town in Nagpur district of Maharashtra where I did my schooling for few years.

My father was professor at post graduate college in Saoner and I still remember how his student flock in our house to greet us wishes of Deshera. We start our day early in the morning my father & mother after offering prayer to Goddess Durga offer flowers & garland to our vehicles. Mom used to cook something good for me and my friends.

In evening we all friends go to each others house to take blessing of our elders. We all used to get new cloths especially traditional one either Kurta Pijama or Sherwani.

Today I am missing all these things………….

Okay! Have a very happy Deshera.

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